Friday, March 4, 2016

Searching for a Bee Yard

I'm really struggling, y'all.

My bees are coming on May 1st (if all goes well), and I still have nowhere to put them. Well, I have the hives, but no where to put the hives. Everywhere that was a contending location has something that makes it less than ideal and now I just don't know!

I'd originally planned on putting them back behind the chicken coop, but after all the rain we've had it's become apparent that unless I want the hives under water periodically I'd better not.

I then considered out along the fence, facing east, in the only corner of open field we have... but now our septic system lateral lines are over there, and I'm afraid it'll create dampness in the hives if they're right over our drain field... and let's not even ponder what would happen if we need work done on the septic system in the future! So that corner is out, too.

The only other run of property we have that's mostly sunny is along our driveway, but I won't have happy hives if there's constant traffic running by their front doors.

So now what? I'm seriously flustered.

Last night I asked the hubs if he'd be open to actually cutting down a few small trees to create a clearing for our bees. With three acres of mostly woods, that's starting to look like our only option! I'm still thinking, though.


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