Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Annual March to the Mailbox

I've unintentionally started a birthday tradition for my Littles, and as all good family traditions go, it's growing to sustain itself without (much of) my influence.

For every kid party so far we've managed to produce and send out "snail mail" invitations, and as both kids' awareness and appreciation have grown so has their participation in the ritual. As a given party day approaches, they start asking, When are we making invitations?, When can I start helping?, and most importantly When do I get to take them to the mailbox?

By far their favorite part of the process is Mailing The Invites. Once envelopes have been stuffed, sealed, addressed and stamped, I hand the stack over and they are very seriously carried down the driveway and tucked into the mailbox.

I've been told the best part is putting the flag up.

I didn't realize how loved this process was until the ride home from picking Sissy up from school yesterday when I heard Henry practically yell from the backseat "Sissy! I finally got to mailbox my birthday party invitations today!"

I caught myself wondering when (because let's face it, it'll happen) this tradition will taper off in lieu of digital invites or word-of-mouth or whatever, and it kinda made me a little bummed to think about it. The excitement, anticipation, and chatter of my soon-to-be-another-year-older kiddo while walking down the driveway? That kinda makes the hassle of the ol' paper invite process worth it.


For now.

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