Friday, March 11, 2016

Before and After :: The Mold Room

It's been about a month since we ripped apart our house to remediate mold resulting from a long-term water leak we were completely unaware of. Everywhere where we found mold has now been torn apart, sterilized, coated in mold-killing primer, and put back together with new materials.

This process has meant a lot of work, a lot of mess, and a lot of time for Audrey to really feel the loss of her own personal space (she's been camped out in the guest bedroom this whole time).

Yesterday we took the final step in making her room inhabitable again: we had all new carpet installed. As soon as the last installer packed up and left, I commenced the repetitive march between her room and the guest bedroom to bring her stuff back to where it all belongs (with Little Brother's help of course). My fitness app says I took over 11,000 steps and climbed 23 flights of stairs in the process, so I feel OK stating that we worked our humps off to get her room back to normal again!

When she got home from school and laid eyes on Her Room, she fell onto her back on her newly-carpeted floor and did "carpet angels." Goofball. I guess she was pleased with our efforts.

I'm just relieved it's (basically) over and done with!

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