Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Box for Treasure

My sweet grandmother-in-law let me pick through her garage the other weekend, and didn't even blink at the little pile of treasures I found and loaded into my car.

Among them was the coolest metal box evah- I'm not sure what it originally was- which made it home with me to be cleaned up and stashed for juuuuust the right use.

This morning the perfect use for it came to me: a new seed box. I've needed something bigger and sturdier for quite a while, but have been making my old one do (it was once a sidewalk chalk box).

Now I have a ventilated box with an attached lid that won't blow away, and all my seed packets fit inside with room to spare... and it looks cool, too!

Note to self: when it comes time to buy seeds for a garden again, do not buy any more dill! I saved way more than I remembered... and now I can see I'm set for quite a while!

Thanks for the great box, Nanny!

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