Saturday, March 26, 2016


To do:

  • Hardboil/dye/make deviled eggs
  • Clean and prep strawberries for shortcake
  • Mix dough for dinner rolls and set it to risin'
  • Make vegetarian entree
  • Chill sparkling wine for mimosas
  • Clean potties
  • Vacuum (and mop? maybe not...) floors
  • Set table
  • Hide eggs
  • Clean off back porch
Um, we may need a break to recover from this weekend when it's all said and done! But of course this prep work is specifically so we can enjoy Easter with the Littles, family, and friends we love... the fruits of our work will provide our refreshment.

That and a beer on the cleaned-off porch this evening.

Until then, though, we'd better get to work!

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