Sunday, June 30, 2019

Catching Up: Visiting: Broken Bow

Our summer trip this year was to Broken Bow, Oklahoma. We split a "cabin" with our traveling buddies (though to call it a cabin seems like a stretch, it was more like a really nice house), packed up the dog and 4 days' worth of supplies, and made the trek into Cell Service Deadzone for the better part of a week right after school let out.

It rained every day, nary a child went to sleep before 10:30pm the entire trip, and we never got to see a Sasquatch, but the food was excellent, the hot tub was great, and Suka was a really, really good girl.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Catching Up: Visiting: Perot Museum

Another visit we made during spring break was to the Perot Museum in Dallas. They had an amazing featured exhibit called 'The Art of The Brick,' showcasing Nathan Sawaya's collection made entirely of Legos. It was the Perot + Legos, y'all... how could we resist?

At the end of the exhibit there was even a board where Audrey and Henry were able to leave their contribution to the show...

Friday, June 28, 2019

Catching Up: Visiting: Boerne (Spring Break)

For spring break we decided to take a few days and drive down to the outskirts of San Antonio and visit our Lange friends. We listened to Harry Potter via audio book, snacked on trail mix, and only had to make one pit stop each way.

We arrived in the afternoon and it was clear and warm and amazing. The kids spent some time playing in a creek behind their house, then we all dressed up and went to dinner.


By the next morning a cold front had rolled through, but we still managed to get out and chase a few ducks! Another couple great restaurants and one more sleep and we were headed back home.

Thanks for showing us a great time, Jenn & Sonchai!