Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Fourth and Sixth

First day of fourth grade and sixth grade, and we jump in to both fully committed to staying remote. We're working through some technology hiccups, but thankfully Daddy stayed home today to be tech support and we will persevere!

Taking a moment to pause and pay respects to everyone trying to make this complicated process work, and giving a nod to these little student pioneers living through these weird times.

A First Day, indeed!

Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Henry is attempting to participate in this season of soccer. Last season was completely cancelled due to COVID-19. This year they weren't able to keep their team together because 1/3 of the team didn't come back and they didn't have a coach. The league's solution was to break down The Beasts and redistribute the players to established teams that were already going strong.

So Henry joined The Fury, and he is struggling to adjust to their new style. They are way more structured, and their experienced coach is....................... passionate. Hen is not used to the intensity and involvement this new coach is showing, and the expectation for the players is definitely different than what he experienced last year. His first game is this weekend, and although Hen is already reflecting an improvement in his playing due to this new style of coaching, the verdict is still out as to if this is a good fit for him or not.

We'll see after this Saturday's game! After all, if it's not fun at this stage, what's the point?

Monday, August 17, 2020

A Swallowed Garden

It's about the time of year that I'd be planning my autumn garden, and maybe even planting a few beds with something fun like more beans or a few cabbages. However, this year, I'm having to take an extra step with my planning to allot a couple consecutive days of weeding.

For some reason this year- more than any other before it- I have struggled to make time to get out there and tend to my beds... and it shows, y'all. I have never had weeds like I have right now. They're in every bed, thick and healthy, filling every space and spilling into pathways and perimeters.

Henry and I got up early when the weather was still nice and weeded for 3 hours, and although most of the beds are in way better shape now (it took 8 wheelbarrows full of weeds, all dumped into the chicken coop), it's still not where I want it. Plus, we still haven't planted a single garlic bulb or patch of kale for fall.

Maybe another weekend will do it.


Monday, August 10, 2020


Happy birthday to me, my family made me pumpkin bread (well, Audrey did) and a chocolate chip bundt cake, took me to get takeout from a favorite local restaurant, and surprised me with our practically-family-friends for cake and cream tequila when we got back home. Also, I got new shoes (thanks Bill & Linda!), a hand-made ceramic butter dish (thanks Mom!), some shirts and other swag (thanks Mom & Dad!) and a couple prizes that will allow me to do a little online shopping later (thanks Katy, John, & Nanny!). 

It was a great day.

Just don't ask me how old I am now, I'll never tell...

...because maybe I won't know for sure.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Work Cat

Furry jerk to the max, all day, over and over, every meeting, no exceptions. Hair on my keyboard, hair on my mouse pad, hair clinging to the monitor. Meows in the background, face and tail popping on screen at inopportune moments... in short, the worst coworker ever.

But by far the sweetest. And the cutest.

Furry jerk work cat.