Monday, February 29, 2016

Working Out

I'm having one of those days where you wake up, get dressed in grubby clothes, and spend 90% of the daylight hours working out.........side. I have dirt under my fingernails, a new hole in the knee of my workin' jeans, and possibly windburn on my lips and I want more.

I'm sure I've spent enough time feeling sorry for myself about not having a proper garden to kick off the season, but wallowing in all that self-pity almost made me miss out on all the things I can still be doing! How ridiculous of me. So today, as soon as laundry was started and animals were fed, I hit the dirt and got a partial fence laid out (and inventory done on what will be needed to complete it), I got my new compost bin built, I weeded flower beds and transplanted a few plants, I prepped an area I'm going to try and make our strawberry patch, and I even planted seeds! A packet of creeping thyme went down around my lone surviving Japanese maple to serve as ground cover.

What what? And it's not even time to go pick up the girl from school yet! I know!

So hmmmm... what's next on my list? I still haven't settled on where my bee yard will be... methinks it's time to head back out there... and so I shall!

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