Tuesday, March 8, 2016


We are nearing the end of the moldy room saga, and tomorrow we will finally have new carpet installed, enabling Audrey to move back in to her room. We'll still have some tape-bed-texture-painting chores to do to finish the patch in the wall, but she can live with that. The girl is dying to get back into her own space!

I've been deep cleaning- nay, sanitizing- everything in her room since she was evicted, and that which cannot be cleaned has been thrown away. It's left me feeling kinda bummed, actually, because a lot of the art that was pinned on her walls of her own making (either solo or with a friend or family member) was just plain paper unprotected by a frame and glass... so it all had to go. I've been toying with the idea of another room makeover to kinda get us past the loss of some of her treasures (granted it hasn't been that long since the last one, but I think an exception can be made due to the mold!).

I have some plans for some new art on her walls and a rearrangement of the furniture as it comes back into her room... and I may go out and get her a second book shelf... but all that hinges on her room being inhabitable.

One thing I can do right now though, even before her room is all clear, is re-cover her readin' chair cushions. It's supposed to rain all week anyway, so I might as well get started with a little project that'll keep me inside and get her feeling excited about being back in her room!

Cheery, fresh, and colorful... not too bad for my first time ever attempting to cover cushions, right? I think it'll fit right back in to her space and hopefully soften the blow of the missing things that once were part of her niche... or at least, it'll make me feel better about having to clear out so many little arty treasures. This, and all the other little plans I have for re-nesting the Big Girl Room!

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