Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Yesterday I worked all day with rocks and sand and horse manure (with a side-trip to the grocery store first thing so, ya know, we can eat this week and stuff). I scavenged stones from the discrete naturally-occurring (and man-made, too) piles around our place that have been swallowed up by erosion. I battled fire ants. I got a little 'sun-kissed.' I was outside almost all day, sometimes with helpers and sometimes solo. I made more progress shaping up my garden beds, I planted a wee rosemary, and I finally got my tomato trellises back in the vicinity of belonging somewhere.

Then I went inside right around the time I should have been making dinner, grabbed a cold beer, and took a late-afternoon shower.

Yesterday was a good day, and yesterday illustrates the pattern I've been repeating every day the weather shapes up. But March is a fickle thing, and overnight that warm sunshine can be blown right away... kinda like it was last night... so today I'm repeating a secondary pattern not so glamorous or fun but oh-so-necessary, and oh-so-glaring when neglected.

Yesterday I didn't see the sticky-sandy floors, the not-so-sparkling potties, or the piles of laundry. Today they can't be avoided, so off I go... though I must say as fickle as March is, I know I can look forward to tomorrow and the changes it will probably bring!

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