Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Walk Through the Garden, March 25th

I "finished" my garden this week.

By finished, I mean the beds are all bordered by rocks, the soil is all amended, the paths are all mulched, and everything that's weather-appropriate has been planted.

It has left me feeling a bit finished, too. My back aches, my wrist hurts, I have a huge splinter in my finger from the mulch that I can't get out at the moment (OK, it's not huge... but that's part of the problem), and I have garden glove tan lines.

BUT I wouldn't have it any other way.

They're such a good ache, these garden pains.

This evening I took a walk around my garden space as the sun was sinking low, whispering to the Universe that some rain would be appreciated, and capturing a bit of the still, a bit of the brown-ness that is the first week of my early spring garden.

Yes, that is a "sleeping" doll in the coop. Creepy, right?

Well, not everything was brown...

I revised my garden plan a bit after we brainstormed and built the fence...

...but even after thinking it all out on paper, I always end up having to reign myself in a bit when I start putting seeds in the ground... those tiny seeds don't take up much room now, but they'll get bigger (hopefully)! Stick to the plan, tweak things next year- that always seems to be my first-week-of-spring gardening mantra.

Besides, I won't have to wait long for all that brown space to fill up; already we have sprouts, already we are finding new wisps of green pushing through the soil. We are all rediscovering the quiet call to the haven we've missed for too long, and I can't wait until our next walk through the garden!

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