Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Outside, it's rainy (yay!), chilly, dim and gray. The birds are all huddled... somewhere... as the birdbath is abandoned and all the fields are quiet. The wee garden sprouts are reaching out to absorb every little sprinkle, and all the sidewalk chalk that's built up for weeks is blurring into muddy rainbow-ish streams.

Inside, the heater has been cycling, the vests are back on and zipped all the way up, and the quilts were so inviting both kids took a nap this afternoon. The cat has remained in Mama's bed all day long with no desire to pester us into opening the back door, and the heat lamp over the peeps has been lowered a bit.

We're having white beans in a hot, steaming broth as part of our dinner tonight, and we'll fill the bathtub extra full at bath time. They say this light precip we're getting right now is due to two fronts fighting it out overhead, and tomorrow the warm front will win and give us temps past 80. It's just good to see the rain again, even if it's almost nothing.

It won't be long before these chilly afternoons are a thing of the past and I'll be pining for the comfort of throws on the couch and bubbling soups, so today I'll choose to relish this lapse back into the chill. After all, it looks like I'll get my chance to sweat it out back in the garden as soon as tomorrow!

Crazy Texas weather.

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