Monday, March 10, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...rubbing my eyes in disbelief- do we really get to start this week with two days so warm? 75 today and 80(!) tomorrow before our next cold front. This weather is crazy!
...wondering if Henry will have a better morning than he did yesterday and finally get that last star at the end of his chart.
...realizing I now have less than a month to plan a certain soon-to-be-3-year-old's tractor birthday party (slow down, time, please, you're turning my last baby into a big boy right before my eyes!). I better get on it.
...thinking about the 101 ways I'd like to spend the next two warm, sunny days and trying to narrow it down a little! Garden? Of course. Park? Maybe. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the picnic table? Yes please! What else? That may be good enough for us!
...feeling accomplished from the projects crossed off the list after another productive weekend- second fireplace finished with those peel-and-stick metal tiles, leak in shower (hopefully) fixed, budget (mostly) balanced. Slowly but surely it goes!
...looking forward to a little trip out around town today with my parents. On the agenda is a little local shopping, hopefully some lunch on the square, and maybe quality time on the back porch to wrap it all up.

Right now the house is back to being dark in the wee hours, the house is not yet stirring, and the day ahead looks bright and promising. The weekend played out to feel longer than it was (in a good way), and our company has lingered to share the day with us. I couldn't think of a better week opener. Happy Monday!

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