Monday, March 3, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm trying to shift gears from this... this...

...which all happened in about twelve hours. Not kidding- we had a high of 81 on Saturday, and we woke up to a 25-degree morning with wind chills in the single digits. Tonight the low will be 11 and right now the wind chill is already at -1. That's a 70-degree temp swing in 24 hours, people. Ugh.

So aside from that, right now I'm also...

...having cinnamon in my coffee this morning, just because.
...noting an opportunity arising to re-purpose a quilt that I think is just hideous- but that Audrey loves- after the success of making a lap quilt for a special 87th birthday that involved fabric markers and kid-art quilt squares (heck, with this kind of weather we might as well try to get started today!).
...wondering if I could make another few breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with what's on hand to avoid getting out to the grocery store until things thaw out a little.
...putting lentil soup and stews with beans and greens in the menu, since those staples are almost always handy.
...feeling twitchy about not being in my garden space today, probably tomorrow, and maybe even the better half of Wednesday thanks to the wind chills (when one is followed everywhere by Littles, one must consider these things, otherwise I think I'd be out there despite it all).
...realizing we're going to have to have our propane tank filled for the fourth time since moving here- especially after this cold snap- and it's going to have to be soon.
...thinking that if I had a pair of these boots, with maybe this t-shirt (or this one) handy, I might not mind so much because... well, ya know... new boots and comfy t-shirts make everything better.
...looking forward to the chance to finish a book, probably by the fire, and maybe sketch a little more in my garden planner. That's what cold weather is good for, no?

Right now the wind sounds almost like a cartoonish sound effect, it's howling so intensely. However, I have a good homey playlist going, warm oatmeal coffee cake waiting, and two sleepy babes heading down stairs soon that will want lots of hugs and time under blankets with books. I may not get to be out in my garden for a bit, but I'd say what I've got going on right now is still pretty darn good.

Wishing all a pretty darn good morning, too. Happy Monday!

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