Monday, March 31, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...sitting in the pre-dawn dark figuring out the week, making our shopping list, and planning the menu for Hen's third birthday party (every morning he asks if his tractor party is here yet, love).
...keeping my ears open for the loud panicked-chick peep that we've been hearing as the feathering chicks figure out they can fly out of the bathtub (where they've been for a few days now that half of them are too big and feisty for my little brooder box), then freak out because they are suddenly loose in the bathroom (me freak out or them? um, both).
...getting 'FINISH HEN HOUSE' on the to-do list for this week so they can get out to their permanent, safe home and be completely contained.
...wondering if I could make it out to the local plant nursery amid all the other things on the to-do list this week to buy my fig tree and tomato plants (and potentially return one of my blackberry canes, as it is just not doing well at all).
...loving a weekend that saw two special dinner outings, some family and some friends, and in general a break from the norm that has left me feeling refreshed and ready to get this week started!

Oh, and by the way- it's the last day of March, too! Holy cow.


Happy Monday!

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