Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where You'll Find Me

Is it possible to get spring fever in February? Because I think we have it. Lucky for us there's this garden project to keep us all outside. Windwhipped, sandy, a little achy, sure... but outside nonetheless, and glad for it! Oh, how restless we feel when the days start to warm up! How good it is to have a place to sink our shovels when the urge arises.

Our lovely neighbors, who raise race horses, were generous enough to bring over 4 tractor bucket-loads of composted manure to aid us in amending this sandy soil of ours. Yesterday we were out working it around our space, and I had amazing little helpers to boot. The sky was gray, there was a cool misty breeze, there were migrating robins all around, and there was a hint of wood smoke in the air. Our shovels were busy, our faces were a little dirty, and in that moment I was completely happy.

Now if that isn't a cure for spring fever, I don't know what is.

So- sore back, achy arms, tired feet be damned- if you need me, you'll find me out in the garden.

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