Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Corners of Our Home, Part IV

Well, since our last look around the 'finished' spaces in our new home, a lot of time has passed, I know. Unfortunately, there haven't been many spaces added to the list of completely completed rooms since then, as the projects per room are just... well, there is still a lot to do around this place. But hey, we knew we were buying a fixer-upper, so moving on.

This past weekend, we put the finishing touches on some raw spots in the kitchen that have been waiting patiently since around Thanksgiving, and I'm so glad to say that pretty much pushed the kitchen into the 'finished' category. Yesssssssssssssssss.

When we bought this house, the kitchen was the dirtiest room in the house.

It also needed new floors, new back splashes, new paint, a new faucet, new light fixtures, some new cabinet knobs, the sink had to be re-set (it was being held up by the pipes, then later by some 2x4's) and all the counter tops had to be resealed and re-epoxied. Then we installed under- and over-cabinet lighting and filled a weird void in the cabinetry with a custom wine rack (handmade by my father-in-law).

Whew. So now you know why it's taken 6 months for another post showing off the house... and why it may be another little while before there's another finished space to share here. Ah well, no one can say we're slackin'.

Aaaaaaaaaand at least there's the kitchen.

My first ever hand-made Mother's Day gift from Audrey- a tiny
little bowl and plate, which holds my rings when I make bread

You've already met Scarlet

I can't even explain how satisfying it's been these last couple of days to make meals for my family in this space, all the while looking around at what we've done and remembering what it used to be. It's what makes DIY home renovation worth it, and oh mama, is it worth it!

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  1. meals with scarlet are tasty for sure! great kitchen!!