Monday, February 24, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...about to strangle my dog. I have had to stick my head out the back door and tell her to stop barking no less than 3 times in the last 15 minutes. What is she barking at? Nothing. Seriously.

{ahem, moving on}

Right now, I'm...

...still house- and garden-project oriented. In fact, that's about all I seem to have to talk about today.
...finding myself spending my rare alone-time minutes online, searching for a fruiting/flowering vine to use as cover in the corner of the garden where the compost bins will be (leaning toward kiwi... looked at akebia and magnolia vine, but too invasive).
...still wondering what I'll border my beds with... rocks? Wood? Something more creative (and time consuming)?
...itching to plant my blueberry bushes and blackberry canes, picked up from a local nursery this weekend.
...trying to ration the last day or so before we get some rain- get out and run errands? Go back to the garden and work the soil some more? Clear out some brush and decide on the materials for my bed borders?

Also, right now I'm marveling at a project finally finished! The fireplace surround- after the deliberation it took to decide on a material to use, the first attempt to install the tiles, the oops moment when our pattern didn't match up, and the fix this weekend that took all hands on deck- is finished!

We used Aspect peel and stick metal tiles in champagne, and aside from the difficulties we encountered with the unevenness of the preexisting tiles and the inherent challenge in a herringbone pattern, I'd say they worked really well, and we're totally happy with the results.

Did I mention we used exactly every tile we ordered? Not a single whole tile was left over when we were done. Ha! I guess that's the way to do it, but whew, that was close!

Today, we'll land on a plan that will best use this last non-rainy, semi-not-chilly day, and keep in mind that this is the last week of February and spring is right around the corner!

Happy Monday!

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