Thursday, February 27, 2014


It's been a while since I've stopped to appreciate the ambient conversations that float around me day to day, and the subtle nuances that pepper the parts that happen between the Littles. It's been an even longer time since the last time I jotted down the little 'isms' of my kiddos here in this space.

Yesterday I caught a few that are so taken for granted that I hardly even hear them anymore, and it struck me that it won't be long before they're all gone. So for posterity, I decided I better take a few notes...

The Lingering Audrey-isms (5 years old):
  • "Con-creek" : concrete
  • "Bak-set" : basket
  • My Gymnastics "Classic" : class
  • "Selth" : self
  • "Fank You" : thank you
  • "Bumble Up" : bundle up
  • "Bik-set" : biscuit
  • "Flosset" : faucet
  • "Refridgelator" : refrigerator  
The Few Henry-isms (I swear he speaks very well for an almost-3-year-old, there aren't many of these!):
  • "Pie-va-cy": privacy
  • "Brummed/Brumming" : the action verb to describe vehicles in motion
  • "Stoopie" : Snoopy
  • "Cowboots" : cowboy boots
  • "Napkim" : napkin
  • "Bup-pim": button

When I get the chance to overhear the sweet conversations between Bubba and Sissy here and there, I always find a smile on my face, and when one of these rare little 'isms' makes its way into the mix, it's even better. I can't believe how fast they're disappearing, but I hope one way or another they're never forgotten. 

So note to self- take more notes! 

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