Monday, February 3, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...looking around at a few more completed (or almost completed) projects that will be big on wow factor when they're finally crossed of that ol' to-do list (and when they're done I promise I'll show 'em off!).
...realizing I've had another one of those weekends where I've fallen down on my photo-documentation duties, but feeling mostly OK with that because there aren't very many spaces around the house right now that aren't touched by project debris, epoxy in one form or another, discarded packaging, or snack crumbs and spills...
...feeling cold! It was damp, or wet, or sleeting for us most of the weekend. No warming trend this time around (but it could definitely be worse), and the fireplace is kinda out of commission at the moment as it is the focus of one of our projects (photo teaser above).
...loving the last few nights of peace and quiet, thanks to a goofy little sticker chart I made that has finally stopped Henry from arbitrarily screaming in the middle of the night. Holy cow, I was at my wit's end. Yes, loving that simple little sticker chart.

Right now, I'm sitting in that peaceful pre-sunrise dim, holding a hot mug of coffee (my new Karen Walker mug, to be exact, also love!) and thinking about the wide open week ahead of me. With a chill outside and a bit of a mess inside, it's pretty clear how I'll be kicking this one off! Have a good one, and happy Monday!

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