Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Call of the House

This morning I awoke to an irritating, repetitive, not-quite-louder-than-a-whisper sound nagging at my ears. I tried to roll over and muffle it with my pillow. I tried to drown it in coffee. I tried to shut it out with my planners and books... but alas, I could not ignore... the Call of the House.

I have been out in the garden space non-stop since it landed in the spotlight a couple weekends ago. The kids have followed me there, and we've only been breaking for quick trips to the bathroom and for food. The garden is shaping up nicely and thanking me for the attention; the house is falling apart and most certainly not thanking me one bit.

So today I had to refocus on the things that have been ignored- you know, preparing food, sweeping up the sand that's followed us in and out, and the piles of laundry that have been adding up, to name a few. Certainly less interesting, but so needed. (and if I'm being honest, my back needed a little break...)

Tonight we had a good dinner, we ate on clean plates to the tune of the dryer finishing up its 5th load of laundry, and I can walk through the kitchen without sounding like a soft-shoe dancer.

Progress outside, progress in.

It won't be long before I pass the hump between shaping this virgin ground into the space I know it's capable of being........... and having a Garden, with a capital 'G.' Until then, I guess I'll just keep letting the laundry and such wait for the chilly, cloudy days to have the attention it deserves, and head back out when the sun is shining!

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