Monday, February 17, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm one happy gal! This weekend's weather was beau-tee-ful and the troops rallied and made some major progress in the garden department.

When everyone put their heads together and started measuring and taking inventory of supplies (those fence posts and split rails were salvaged from a restaurant construction site- they were waste! Can you believe it?), we ended up figuring out it was best to scrap my original L-shape and make it one big square. So now I have about another 250 fenced-in square feet, most of which will get at least partial sun, to use! I'm thinking maybe a couple fruit trees, or berry bushes....? So exciting.

This morning I'm wind-burned, achy, and tired, and the house has been completely neglected, but boy howdy do I have the makings of an amazing garden space under way!

Side note: shout out to my mother-in-law, who kept the kids entertained, meals on time, and little odds-and-ends under thumb while I helped dig post holes and such... and then when we got down to the wire with daylight and the end of the weekend closing fast, she came right out and helped finish up the work, too! What a family we have!

It looks to me like we get almost an entire week of this beautiful weather before it gets all chilly on us again, so I'm kicking it off with my grid paper, my shovel, and my two little helpers... we're gonna go dig in! Happy Monday!

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