Monday, July 27, 2015

Right Now :: Looking Back & Looking Forward

In the beginning of July we marked a second year in this 'new' house of ours that's rapidly becoming just plain Home. We didn't really mark the day with anything special like we kinda did last year, but our second housiversary didn't pass unnoticed.

We bought this house knowing there would be a lot of work to put in before it was something that felt like Ours, and in many ways we're coming 'round the bend on much of what we knew we needed to accomplish. However, just like you'd expect home ownership to go, things have come up along the way that have added to the process. Some of what's come up has just been par for the course, and some of it has hovered like a gray cloud over many of our days... but there's always sunshine behind the clouds, and everything we've done so far has been for the better.

This morning I woke up thinking about our early days settling in, unpacking, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning, and getting to know our new space. I thought about the things that haven't changed since then, and about all the things that have.

July is almost over, August is coming... school will start back up, summer will finally break (it has to, right?), Brother will keep getting taller, Sister will loose more teeth, we'll cross more off our to-do list and more will make it's way on there. The ins and outs, the ebb and flow of Home. That's what's got my mind this morning. A bittersweet rhythm of comings and goings, happiness and stresses, resolutions and new beginnings.

There are days when I don't necessarily wake up looking forward; some days I can't help but pause and linger in a moment looking back... it seems to help keep me anchored in the important stuff that's flying by in the present. Right now- where all the good stuff happens- that's where I want to be as this last week of July gets off the ground.

May we all remember the past to appreciate the present and prepare for the future. Happy Monday.

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