Thursday, July 30, 2015

Library Retreat

It's been hot, y'all. I think they said yesterday was the hottest of the year so far- we reached 102F. When it is that hot it's hard to feel much like doing anything except strategically positioning self under air conditioner vent and lingering... and it sure is easy to stay put like that when you have a basket full of fresh books from the library. So that was our main goal while it was still cool (like before it got out of the 90's): return old library books, play with friends, and pick out new books to take back home for hibernation.

We do this probably once a week right now, and our trips to the library have become a beloved part of our summer routine. Sometimes my kids even look at books while we're there (haha). Anything that keeps us out of that harsh high summer heat! How we love our library retreat!

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