Monday, July 6, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a three-day weekend that saw...

....a Friday full of yard work, a quick trip to the vet for a puppy's weird itchy skin infection, and a late night aiding in cake decorating. early Saturday morning, finishing touches for a special guy turning two, and a sweet little train-themed birthday party.
...late naps, the smell of brisket filling and lingering in the house, a packed car, and a caravan out to park and wait for fireworks.
...a really late night, crazy-fast baths for sweaty babies, and a crash into bed- for everyone- after midnight!
...eggs from my still-free-ranging hens for Sunday breakfast, lunch with good friends, and the discovery that Sister's room has a mold problem thanks to a still-ambiguous water leak (weather related) somewhere close to her window.
...lots of scrubbing, lots of baking soda, lots of laundry, and the exile of her book shelves just before bath time, library books before bed, and a hard crash for everyone to end the weekend!

Right now- for my 1,000th blog post- I thought it most appropriate to forego the urge to do something spectacular, grand, or elaborately retrospective and just keep with the good old everyday. After all, that's what makes my world go 'round! That's why I'm here in this space: to mark the days that are truly ordinary, yet all add up to something special for us... and in that ritual this blog adds up to something special for us in it's own right.

Happy Monday!

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