Friday, July 17, 2015

A Big Baby Party

Yesterday morning after the Littles woke up, they pow-wowed and figured out five of their stuffed animals and babies were having a birthday on the same day. They came down for breakfast talking about the party they were going to have, and went straight back to their rooms after eating where they remained all morning long, I kid you not. They gave me almost three hours of playing quietly- without fighting- contentedly making birthday cards and party invitations.

At lunch we all decided that there really should be a celebration (though I was more in the mood to celebrate how sweet they were being), and so we made a birthday cake for all the honorees that was enthusiastically decorated by the party throwers...

...and after dinner we sang the birthday song and they each blew out a candle for their own babies (by dinner there were six babies needing a birthday party).

Let me see if I can remember... Snoopy turned 1 1/2, Delmo is now 11, and Henry's Parrot Pirate is 3 1/2. Audrey's Darlene Baby is now 6, Ellie Baby is 4, and Abby Baby turned 2. Whew!

Last night was fun. We ate cake, I teared up, and I tried to hold on to the innocence that brought the six-baby birthday party reprieve to our evening routine. Time flies, y'all.

Also yes, the cake was totally rainbowlicious.

Remember the last time we did a baby birthday party? Seriously I'm tellin' ya, time flies! 

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