Monday, July 20, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm realizing this is the only photo I took this weekend! SO this weekend, we...

...borrowed a car, turned in mine (aka Lillard) for some fresh paint on the hood, received a half-bushel of peaches, and went swimming at Mimmy and Pappy's.
...woke up to an emergency toilet paper shortage upstairs, made breakfast among prep work for peach processing, and got the entire box of perfectly ripe beauties preserved for the off-season.
...had some friends over, grilled pizzas amidst wet Littles running wild and enjoying the blow-up water slide, and barely got the kids in bed by 9pm.
...worked in the yard for the first half of Sunday, cleaned up and lounged around for the second half, and then Mama got to make a last-minute trip to help work beehives at the end of the day!

Right now, I'm loving the slow, hot, in-and-out rhythm of high summer... though right about now I would love some of that crazy May rain we had too much of!

Stay cool... and happy Monady!

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