Wednesday, July 8, 2015

To Be Outside

Our summer days have been so full lately- full of visits, appointments, lessons, and errands, oh my! It was beginning to feel like summer was going to slip on by without us having a chance to even say hello! This week though, for some magical reason, our days opened right on up. We've actually had the chance to wake up in the morning without an agenda and decide over breakfast what we're going to spend the day doing. It's been fun for me to watch what the Littles think up when their wheels start turning- and it's been a pleasure to end up outside more than half the time once the day's activities are set.

There is a much welcome breeze accompanied by some sun-shading cloud cover this morning, and methinks we'll be right back out there again after our eggs and bacon. There's always so much to do around the yard and garden! But what's work for me is fun and adventure to them, and who can blame them? After all, this is supposed to be the season when everyone wants to be outside, yes?

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