Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Art Party

If you have littles, you might be familiar with the kid book series Fancy Nancy (and if you're not, you should look in to them- they're great, even for little boys!). My kiddos share a love for Nancy with some good friends of ours, and independent of each other were all inspired by this Fancy Nancy book.

So when school let out and the rain let up, we got together for a little 'welcome summer' party, and the pinnacle of the soiree was a Jackson-Pollock-inspired-Fancy-Nancy-style hip-hop painting.

The final piece turned out really well, and is currently awaiting a secondary Mama-project so it can become two pieces to share between two houses!

The kiddos were covered head-to-toe in paint when the project was completed (not exaggerating- and some of it was intentional self-painting), so they hit the kiddie pool to clean up, then it was off to the porch for a watermelon artists' reception.

I think they found the perfect way to welcome summer, don't you?

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