Monday, June 1, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw...

...a Friday morning without water, a crash course in water well problem solving, and the hubs staying home from work to save the day.
...a surprise birthday celebration (that stayed a surprise!), a big lunch reservation, and a little girl with an earache who was quite a trooper through the whole thing. afternoon movie, TLC, and no rain! entire Sunday funday spent working in the yard- despite the sogginess- mowing, weeding, hedge trimming, and gardening.
...the much-delayed meeting of neighbors (after "only" two years...), some beautiful horses, and a ride on a donkey.
...pizzas on the grill, lots and lots of mosquitoes, and early bed times for all.

Right now we're kicking off the last week of school, prepping for a little summer kickoff party, and planning a trip in a couple weeks for a little artist who's about to receive a big award! In short, we're gearing up for summer!

Welcome June, and happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Oh what a fabulous cake! We're welcoming June in with rain wind and lots of blankets so I'm hoping summer turns up soon!