Monday, June 8, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...enjoying my coffee quietly with a little 'me' time on the side like I used to do, because schooooool's out for thuh summuh! (also wondering how late Audrey will sleep in!)
...getting the pre-travel to-do list in order for our trip down to Austin for Audrey's art award ceremony this Friday!
...thinking about how realistic it would be to have watermelon for breakfast and lunch today.
...scouring every online furniture site I can think of looking for footstool/ottoman options for our family living room (WHY is it so hard to find what we want?). So far we've shopped JCPenny, Overstock, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Ikea, HomeGoods, Wayfair, Target, Walmart, Big Lots, Garden Ridge, CraigsList, Etsy, World Market and Pier One. Any other suggestions we've missed?
...trying to decide if I'll make some time this week to replant the garden beds that have already peaked and are now headed downhill for one reason or another... the greens have bolted, the zucchini have all failed (still not 100% sure why), and half the green beans are kinda done. I'm thinking I'll at least try another round of beans. It just got so hot so quickly... *sigh*
...loving how much time the Littles have already gotten to spend playing in sprinklers and wading pools... and swimming lessons start today!

Right now I'm slowly coming to terms with Summer's arrival- the good stuff like Audrey home all day and the new flexibility in our schedule, and the not-as-good stuff like the beginning of the struggle to keep everything alive and as comfortable as possible for the next four months.

This morning I'll focus on the good stuff. Better get the bathing suits out of the dryer!

Happy Monday!

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