Monday, June 15, 2015

Right Now :: Our Trip to Austin

Something look amiss? Yes, they got her piece upside-down...

Our motley crew, minus Aunt KK who was taking the picture

Right now... holy cow, y'all! What a whirlwind weekend. On Friday we made the drive down to Austin (somehow avoiding the worst of the traffic), met my bro and his better half (wink) for drinks, after that went to dinner with Katy, returned to our hotel and let the kids swim (thanks to Aunt KK who was the only adult brave enough to get into that cold pool), got the kids to bed way too late, awoke on Saturday morning way too early, headed out to the award event right after breakfast, did lunch with the whole gang afterwards, and got back on the road in time to make it home for dinner.


Sunday we stayed low and slow- mostly getting little jobs done around the house- then, of course, an early bed time to wrap it all up.

A whirlwind I tell ya. But a fantastic one.

We are so proud of this little artist wild child of ours.

Now... back into recovery mode we go. Happy Monday!

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