Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Walk Through the Garden, June 2nd

Now that the rain has blown away and we have nothing but sunny June skies for the next several days, it seems about right to get out to the garden and check on things. Shall we?

Does anyone recognize this fuzzy little volunteer melon (or squash?) that has popped up among
my eggplant? I have never planted melons or squash in this bed. The plant itself looks like
cantaloupe, but I've never seen so much fuzz on the kinds of melons I'm familiar with... 

My my, do my flowers seem happy with all this rain! But sadly, it looks like with that same flower-popping rain came some blight and perhaps a little root rot. I pulled out three squash plants that were yellow and wilting, and oh did they smell bad when they came out of the ground. The last remaining zucchini seems well enough, but all the little fruit it had were rotting from their ends, so they all went to the compost. I've been pruning the tomato leaves that are yellowing, but I fear that will be a loosing battle for the cherry tomato that seems the blightiest (yes, that's a word... or it should be).

Many of the other tomatoes are beginning to show a little red color, and I can't wait! By far my most favorite garden crop.

Our beans and eggplant have been wonderful so far, our onions are beyond the size of my fist, and we were able to cut and share some basil over the weekend. We may not be getting much zucchini and our carrots may be going to seed, but this has still been one of the best springs to date in my gardening life.

Now... what can I put in that big empty place where my soggy squash were? Decisions, decisions.

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