Monday, June 29, 2015

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...finding myself back out in my garden pre-dawn with watering hose in hand more regularly now. It was an enjoyable, peaceful part of my routine last summer, but with all the recent rain I'm only now getting back into that rhythm.
...toying with the idea of getting a few new feather babies, and loaning out Chicken Joe in exchange to a family that needs a little fresh blood in their poultry gene pool!
...regretfully realizing more than one of my front rose bushes has rose rosette and will have to be pulled and burned... soon.
...beginning my annual holiday gifts-to-make list, and eyeing some crazy-soft yarn waiting patiently to become gnome hats for my Littles. I'm thinking that project may get to be the first one I tackle.
...wanting one of these.
...cranking out new skirts for my girly girl! I was inspired by a friend to make some crazy-easy t-shirt knit skirts, and I may have to do a tutorial soon to prove how easy they are. Like, I made three in about two hours. Maybe even less than two hours. Yeah.
...enjoying the excitement that something new in an old space can bring: Henry got his Big Boy Bed! I'll put up some show-and-tell soon, promise.
...planning some fun daytime destinations for my kiddos in the next few weeks, some crafty projects, and some time to finish reading aloud 'Farmer Boy,' which I'm pleased to say both Littles love.

Right now we have a little bit of a lot of things going on, as usual, and the plan is to keep on with the same ol' every day that adds up to the life that we love! In short, a typical Monday. Have a good one!

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