Friday, June 5, 2015

First Year Down

(First day of school on the left, last day of school- plus intense almost-summer-sun- on the right)

Weeeeeell, that's a wrap! Audrey's first year of school is over. Today is her first day of summer break, and she's sleepin' in (though who knows how much longer that will last, as Brother is an early riser and can't resist playing loudly to awaken a little company).

Wowie wow wow, on the first day of school did this day ever feel like a lifetime away! But my oh my did she conquer Kindergarten with flying colors. I am so proud of this little person.

On the left- meeting the teacher (and hating it). On the right- loving said teacher. 

She has grown so much... literally and figuratively! After pondering- agonizing may be more accurate- how to kick off her school experience, I have no regrets with our choice.

We've gotten to see her learn how to be a good friend, we've watched her problem solving skills, social skills, sense of humor, and self-awareness evolve and blossom, and wow has her Spanish vocabulary taken off.

She made it through her first year without picking up a horrible habit, without bringing home a terrible word, without being bullied, and without catching the flu! (though we didn't escape without our share of viruses, tummy troubles, and- my greatest buggy fear- lice *shudder*)

Ya gotta take the bitter with the sweet, right?

And how sweet it is.

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