Monday, October 27, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...choosing to celebrate these record-breaking highs with chalk outside, gardening, landscaping, tidying up, trimming, planting... choosing not to wish for fall-like weather, dampness, crispness, a chance to wear socks and long sleeves, a chance to stop watering and hear rain falling once again...
...still humming the kid-geared songs that are just catchy enough to stick with me from the Trout Fishing in America show we went to Saturday to celebrate Gramps' birthday (and true to the man, the outing was kinda all about the kids!).
...feeling that autumnal pull inward towards the hearth and home, and feeling freshly aware of how bare some of our spaces still are, despite the fact that we've lived in this house for a year already. I need some more art on these walls, some window coverings, time to reupholster a chair and footstool, and something over the fireplace in the formal living room. Like now. Oh, and a few more rugs, too.
...looking forward to Halloween! My kiddos' costumes have been almost entirely thrifted, recrafted, home-made and improvised, and they're awesome! They're excited about them, too, and that's winning all by itself.
...loving the winter rye in the woods. What a transformation! Now rain, baby, rain, so it stays alive out there!

Right now I'm feeling torn between my gut pulling me in to nest for the oncoming change in the season, and my head pulling me out into the fair weather to work like it's still mid-summer. This weekend my head won. Maybe my gut will prevail as we roll into November, only one short week away!

Wherever you find yourselves this week, be it hearth or garden, may you have a happy Monday!

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