Monday, October 6, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving the view out the back windows! We spent the weekend with a skid-steer Bobcat, and boy howdy did we make use of every second! The main goal was to scarify the areas where the Chinese privet was growing back from previous attempts at clearing, but it made such quick work of it all that we were able to do so much more... cut trails back through areas of the woods we haven't set foot in yet, work on some erosion control around the driveway, move some boulders, dig out and set some stone steps, and give lots and lots of rides to the Littles.

My arms are burned and scraped, my back is aching, the floors of my house are covered in a dusting of sand and ashes, and the cat accidentally spent the night outside, but we had a great weekend nonetheless.

Plus, it rained last night.

That's a great start to the week in my book. Wishing all the same! Happy Monday.

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