Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Six-Year-Old.


She's six today.

Six is a big deal.

I can remember my sixth birthday.

I can remember a lot about being six.

Now I have one. A six-year-old.

This six-year-old of mine is quite her own person. She has opinions, she has preferences, she has (the beginnings of) her own taste in style, music, food... and when she's my age, she's going to remember this stuff. All of it. Her party, her school days, her weekends, her dreams, her favorite toys, being excited, being scared, being sad, being happy.

I better make sure I remember all of it, too, because I know it won't belong before I'm mulling over seven (because it's next... seven is next!).

Happy birthday you ever-changing, ever-amazing girl. We love you and love you.

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  1. Six is so happy! It seems like my girls were just 6, and now we are right around the corner from eight! Enjoy!!