Tuesday, October 14, 2014


This afternoon on the way home from school, Audrey said, "Mama, are you sure it's fall? It doesn't look much like fall... it still looks like summer!"


How well I know dat. Too bad for us it only looks like fall around these parts for something like a week before we slip hardcore into ice and sleet and winter.

But back to fall. The girl wanted colored leaves, pine cones, apple trees, and pumpkin patches.

Well, we're fresh out of them.

So we decided to take a walk to look for fall in what is actually around us... and you know what? We did in fact found a little reminder that yes, autumn is here.

We found fall in the crispness of the breeze, the late afternoon light, the faint calls of migrating geese, and the pecans.

Thank the seasons for the pecans!

Now... does anyone know a quick and easy way to shell them.......?

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