Monday, October 13, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...sitting in the dimness, listening to rain fall with windows open, sipping hot coffee (and writing this) like I used to in the mornings before the kids got up, before school was part of our routine. The reason for this revisit? No school today!
...feeling thankful for said rain, as we seeded the entire area we cleared last weekend with winter rye, and it needed a good soaking! Now, hopefully the seeds aren't washed away...
...mulling over our to-do list for this rainy day with both Littles... grocery shopping? Gotta. Crafting? Tempting. Birthday party planning? Yeah, some of that too. House work? Maybe that can wait...
...looking for the perfect version of ice cream cake for our birthday party weekend (our soon-to-be-six-year-old wants more than one flavor and I'm thinking this one might make the list).
...jonesing for a haircut... and maybe one that's a little more than just a trim this time (like this, maybe? or even this?).
...loving the way this cool, rainy morning has changed the entire feel of the house, the morning, and the outlook on the day.

Right now I'm hoping there's some sleeping in this morning, good moods when everyone's up, and a slow pace for the day equal to the weather we now have, thanks to this cold front!

Happy Monday!

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