Thursday, July 3, 2014

Summer Berries

When the sun sinks low, the wind quiets, and the heat isn't quite as intense, we slip outside. We do chores, we harvest veggies, and the kiddos get in a little more playtime before hitting the tub.

Sometimes there is a magical moment where the boys find something that occupies them... elsewhere... and us girls get to spend that cooler, peaceful dusk-time out, just the two of us.

One of the things that we find ourselves drawn to when we get outside are the heady, heavy, jewel-toned summer blackberries growing wild all around us. They're irresistible, really. Wild candy.

My girl says, "This is my best favorite snack. It's even better than candy, and I'll only eat the ones I want, and then bring some to Henny, too."

And she did.

While Sister picked berries for herself and her Bubba, Mama managed to stash away a few for Chicken Joe and the Red Ladies... and at the end of the night, everyone was purple-stained and smiling...

...even the chickens.

(see our pickin' last year)

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