Monday, July 28, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm...

...over-the-moon egg-cited (haha, couldn't resist) about the gifts coming from our girls on a daily basis now. Yesterday we got eight- eight!- beautiful brown eggs of all sizes, and I'm thinking the eggs we bought from the grocery store last week will be our last store-bought eggs for quite a while! Oh, how I've longed for that!
...smelling chocolate chip banana muffins (adapted from this recipe) wafting through the air.
...looking at the amazing underbrush and scrub regrowth in all the clearings we've made in the woods, which is all up in my eye every time I look out the back windows. Ugh.
...wondering how I'm going to fit everything I need to do into this week before August comes and we ramp up into Audrey Is Going To School mode.
...looking forward to a little trip we have planned mid-August to take all our minds off of that oncoming ramp-up.
...loving the shining reports that came home with the kiddos after their first two-night sleep-away with Grammy and Gramps, in addition to their hugs, laughs, and goofiness that we just aren't the same without.

Right now I'm playing a mind game with myself and struggling between the prep I want to do to feel like we're all ready to have a Real Kindergartner among us, and the mushy Mama sentimentality that haunts me as I walk through these last few days of not having a Real Kindergartner yet. There's a fine line there somewhere. I hope I find it sooner rather than later. It kinda feels like the sentimentality may be tipping the scales.

Wishing all success in seeking balance as we head in to the last few days of July!

Happy  Monday!

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