Monday, July 7, 2014

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving a weekend that saw... early morning parade, lunch out, and a potluck-style dinner with family and friends.
...backyard fire crackers, faulty sparklers, and in the end- no injuries.
...a caravan to the local stadium, a real bad pre-show band, and almost 30 minutes of fireworks.
...over-tired, slap-happy, bedazzled kiddos who got to stay up way late to see "real" fireworks for the first time (and who couldn't stop their little bodies from jumping and running and wiggling the whole show).
...pancakes for breakfast, lots of coffee for the grown-ups, and an afternoon birthday party for a sweet doll of a one-year-old.
...our leaky shower fixed... finally!
...a slow end to it all for recovery, a little clean up, and a few more meals of party leftovers!

Right now we're still feeling a little sluggish from our super-late Friday night, but we're also still talking about the show where "the fire turned in to sparkles!" We had a great weekend.

Wishing all the same.

Side note- I really need to clean the lens on my camera... what's up with all that streaky light? Sheesh! Sorry!

Happy Monday!

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