Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Out of curiosity I looked up when we first got our little peeps, and assuming they were about a week old when we brought them home, I figured out they're around 17-18 weeks old now.

Holy cow (or should I say holy hen?), they could be laying eggs any day now.

How did I miscalculate so badly in the beginning? I was thinking it wouldn't be until the fall that we'd get our first sweet little pullet eggs... but no, thanks to the early laying habits of red sexlinks we might get some before the end of the month!

I've been told by chicken-keeping friends that the first few pullet eggs end up just kinda falling out of the chicken wherever she may be, because in the beginning they're not aware of the process. We decided to help the Red Ladies out a bit by making them some 'practice eggs' with the hopes that they'll catch on and put their eggs where the wooden ones are... when the time comes.

Who knows if the colors matter, but they mattered to us! Anyho, there's one in each nesting box now, so we're ready. I hope they are...

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