Thursday, July 31, 2014

Love Notes

My Mama heart has been skipping beats as July draws to a close.

August is coming.

My birthday? Don't care.

Beach trip? Not a second thought.

I am focused- preoccupied, even- on the first day of school.

There is so much going on during August. There is plenty to keep me occupied, busy, distracted. Yet somehow my Mama heart keeps reminding me that there's only 25 more days until school starts.

I figured out this spring that my daughter's future elementary school holds a counseling session in the morning (!) for parents dropping their kindergartners off on the first day of school. Apparently it's in the library... with the counselor... and there's tissues, and cookies, and craft supplies for writing notes to the kids, to be delivered during their very first lunch.


Like I'm doing that.

But wait- so I don't go, and then all my girl's peers get notes delivered during lunch, and she's left out? Um, I have a problem with that.

But I'm not going to the library during Sob Time. So what to do?

An intuitive friend suggested I just tell Audrey that she will see friends getting notes during lunch, but hers will be in her lunch box.


Of course while making said notes I was forced to realize the therapeutic value of the process of making them, but I'm still positive I'm not cut out to group-project this type of thing.

One nice little stack of notes later, I can report that I feel a little better knowing I can open a drawer and grab something homemade to tuck into a lunchbox and send out into the world with my girl in the oncoming months of S-C-H-O-O-L. Something that might make her smile, something that will remind her of the people waiting for her return back at home, proud and loving and excited about the adventure she's about to begin.

Now, where are the tissues and cookies...................................?

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