Monday, April 30, 2012

Right Now

Right now, I'm loving...

...a weekend that was-
            - outdoor play, mud, and lots of time with the hose
            - the completion of some nagging to-do chores, with time to spare
            - a gathering of friends and family to celebrate hard work, freedom from The Man,
              and good tequila
            - two victorious nights in a row for our Big Girl
            - the last of the cinnamon rolls and lots of coffee while the kitties chased rabbits pre-sunrise
            - hearing rain and seeing lightening while talking and planning grand things with the hubs
            - gray and windy, cool in the mornings, and peaceful... a combination I really love
            - moments full of heart-melting Daddy-babies time, some with camera handy

This weekend was a good weekend for us to come together, connect, and make a little forward progress in that never ending battle with chores, lists, and obligations. It was a weekend that has left a lingering glow that, even on this Monday morning, we're all still feeling right now. Happy Monday.

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