Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Friday Saw...



...vanilla muffins and warm strawberry compote, all made alongside a pot of cinnamon coffee, at 5:30am.
...special tea cups and pullovers... at least until the chill burned off with the morning sun. hugs and kisses and time on the hand-made, hand-me-down, well-loved 'backyard blanket.'
...the first official chigger bites of the season (two for Sister, three for me)... ugh.
...more and more strawberries picked from the garden! We're averaging about 7 sweet little jewels per day, much to the Littles' delight.
...a freshly-shaved Leeloo, a full month earlier than usual (though she sure seems to appreciate it).
...bath time in the fading light, and a sweet little guy noticing drops of water on the shower glass for the first time.
...a Mama-Audrey story time with three readings of I Love You Stinky Face, followed by two more of I Love You Because You're You.
...a dusk stroll though the damp grass to pick up forgotten toys, which led to a double-rabbit sighting, which then led to me trying to get Leeloo to see them, which ultimately led to me chasing them away from the garden, around the tree, and finally over the creek and under the fence (thanks to the rocks I was throwing at them, which Leeloo was more than happy to chase... never mind the furry, bouncy rascals they were aimed at).

Our Friday saw some good and some bad, some sweet and some sour, some joy, and a little frustration too, of course... but it was quite a show! Happy weekending.

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