Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My Next Move...

Just like all the sleeping things outside right now- dull and still and yielding to the darkness dominating these late winter days- I myself have still been in a sort of hibernation mode. However, just like within all those growing things, there is an energy beginning to kindle and shake things up a bit, and I'm directing those little sparks towards my garden! I planted an entire bed full of onions just the other day, and now I'm sitting down with seeds and planner and paper to make sure I have my next move all worked out.

On the one hand I have a struggle to be more realistic this year (planting more of the things we all love, and nixing the things no one will eat much of), and on the other hand I have flights of fancy (did I mention I'm trying out growing popcorn this year?!), both struggling to be balanced with the staples that never seem to have enough room. It's a fun and challenging little dance of planning and preparation, and one I happen to love! Especially when I can sit and stare out at all the brown dormancy and let my imagination plug in dark greens veined in orange, purples hidden in viney green, yellow and waxy red things hanging in wild tangles, and zinnias everywhere!

It won't be long now!

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