Saturday, December 9, 2017


We hosted our annual themed holiday meal this weekend, going with an Australian Christmas this year due to the fact that the last few Christmastimes have been so warm (so naturally it was chilly today). We smoked a brisket overnight, threw some shrimps on the barbie, potlucked the cold salads, and capped it off with sugar cookies and mini-chocolate cheesecakes. My kiddos were over-the-top hyper, the grandparents all seemed in good spirits, the fireplaces were glowing, and the wine was flowing. It felt like a good kickoff to the oncoming Yule tide.

Wishing all a good meal with good company this weekend, too. Happy weekending!

Wondering about our past years' themed family dinners? 2009 (Victorian), 2010 (Chinese), 2011 (Italian), 2012 (German), 2013 (1950's American), 2014 (Mexican), 2015 (Norwegian), 2016 (French/Alsatian) 

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