Friday, December 29, 2017


As everyone knows, we lost our old furry friend Leeloo this past spring, and since then nothing has felt quite right without a canine companion in the family. We finally resolved to start looking for a puppy after the holidays, and I started casually looking through puppy ads on Tuesday night, not really thinking I'd find anything but wanting to see what was out there.

So, naturally, I found a puppy right away.

Meet Suka, our sweet 12-week-old Saarloos wolfhound. We got her from a rescue group who had gotten her three weeks prior from a family that had her in a service dog program but couldn't keep her due to a personal tragedy. Her father was a pure-bred, champion-bloodline-with-papers-AKC-registered German shepherd, and her mama was a UKC-registered Saarloos wolfhound (1/2-German shepherd, 1/2-European wolf). She's super smart, super sweet, and those eyes are what sealed the deal for us.

We don't even mind the fact that she's pooped inside three times so far (but no accidents in the last 24 hours so yay!). She's getting the hang of it, this filling our canine void... we all are!

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